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A history of innovation

250 Years strong

A history of innovation

The "pursuit of the cheap needle" as a sourcing strategy in the apparel industry has become increasingly difficult and outdated. A new era is now with us where productivity gains, speed to market, quality and compliance are paramount. In this context Smart Needle by Coats™ encapsulates the complementary and value adding products and services that Coats provides to the industry.
With a long pioneering history and innovative culture, Coats has a deep understanding of the needs of customers, brand partners and consumers and has developed products and services to assist in meeting the critical challenges facing the industry today.

Peace of Mind

  • Peace of Mind

    As leaders in colour management systems we can assist you with the management of your colour matching process - a major industry issue.

    We help you reduce sample lead times through solutions such as the award-winning Colour Express online ordering tool.

    Our suite of digital tools is constantly being developed and Coats is a leader in our industry segment with digital solutions such as eComm, Stockmatch, Seamworks+ and the Productivity Calculator; all designed to reduce cost and lead times.

    Delivering reliability and 'at home' in 70 countries, we can rapidly respond to shifts in production sourcing, providing the peace of mind wherever you operate.

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