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The strength to cope with production demands

32% Reduction on sewing repairs

The strength to cope with production demands

Epic is a stronger, more durable, precisely engineered sewing thread. 

The thread's superior performance and excellent sewability result in extraordinary production benefits for customers.

These include faster machine speeds, lower repair rates, lower RTMs, lower irregulars and an operating philosophy of 'better right first time'. World-class quality, greater abrasion resistance and perfect colour matching also explain why Epic is the thread of choice worldwide.

Affordable Quality

  • Affordable Quality

    Coats is synonymous with quality and our most popular brand Coats Epic is just that, a premium quality polyester corespun sewing thread with superior sewing performance. The high strength core allows use of finer threads and needles without compromising strength compared to staple spun threads. 

    Finished with a specially formulated lubricant, it delivers excellent sewing performance at low tension, even under the most demanding of conditions.

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