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Epic increases in efficiency found in over 900 trials

13% Gain in productivity

Epic increases in efficiency found in over 900 trials

To survive in today’s competitive world, efficiency, factory productivity and speed are key. This is why the use of substandard materials must be avoided.

Although only a relatively small proportion of total cost, the wrong sewing thread choice can have a major adverse impact on productivity as well as product look and feel.

Choosing Coats Epic thread will not only enhance the appearance of sewn products but can greatly improve the productivity and performance of the sewing production line.

Productivity Calculator

  • Reduce your cost of sewing

    The versatility and superior sewing performance of Epic will result in:

    • Less machine set up time and adjustment
    • Greater production output
    • Fewer repairs and lower re-sewing rates
    • Increased machinist confidence, resulting in higher performance and greater job satisfaction

    Estimate the gain you can achieve with the Epic Productivity Calculator tool.

    Coats Technical Services team can help you achieve more with Epic thread.

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