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Pioneering history


Pioneering history

Coats has a long history of innovation. Great breakthroughs include supplying the threads Thomas Edison used to invent the light bulb in 1879. We also pioneered cotton and linen thread production and the invention of corespun technology for sewing threads. Coats Technical Services continue to find innovative solutions for customers.
Epic corespun thread combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a polyester fibre wrap and is finished to produce an ideal all round sewing thread. Compared to spun fibre threads, with Epic smaller needles can be used for the same strength, enhancing appearance and minimising pucker.

Peace of Mind with Epic Thread

  • Recent innovations for Epic

    • Epic Protect is treated with an innovative process to give the finished thread anti-microbial / anti-fungal properties to enhance hygiene and hinder odours and stains
    • Epic Insectiban has anti bed bug treatment that is based on naturally occurring plant extract and oils and is harmless to humans and pets, to help control bed bug infestations
    • Epic Metallic incorporates a metallised polyester yarn for decorative stitching
    • Epic Supermax is produced using a special spinning technology that produces a thread with high lustre and low surface hairiness, especially suitable for high-end quality garments with enhanced seam appearance
    • Epic Rugged is specially dyed and finished to protect against abrasion, heavy stonewash and bleach treatments

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